A Commissioner for Oaths is a person appointed by the Chief Justice of the Federal Court, under section 11(1) of the Court of Judicature Act 1964, and the Commissioner for Oaths Rules 2018.

The objective of the Commissioner for Oaths Unit is to manage the affairs of all Commissioners for Oaths throughout Malaysia, in an efficient, competent and organised manner, thus ensuring the effectiveness of duties carried out by a Commissioner for Oaths, which makes an indirect contribution to the Malaysian Judiciary.

The roles of the Commissioner for Oaths Unit:

  • To supervise and update the Directory of the Commissioner for Oaths for all type of appointment (Advocate and Solicitors, Public Officers, Officer of Statutory Bodies, Any Other Persons);
  • To be the source of reference and authentication in relation period of appointment, throughout the country;
  • To process all application for the appointment of Commissioner for Oaths, made by way of Form 1, 2, 3, & 4;
  • To undertake the supervision, the conduct of the examination and interview for the appointment and reappointment of all Commissioner for Oaths;
  • To process applications for the reappointment of Commissioner for Oaths, by way of Form 6;
  • To process all application made by a Commissioner for Oaths to change the address of service;
  • To process any application made by any Commissioner for Oath, who undertakes to carry out his or her functions beyond the approved address of service;
  • To record applications and leave notifications by any Commissioner for Oaths;
  • To supervise the inspection of the Register and the Premises of all Commissioner for Oaths throughout Malaysia;
  • To accept and process information or complaints against any Commissioner for Oaths; and
  • To initiate an investigation, based on information or complaints made by any member of the public, against any Commissioner for Oaths throughout Malaysia.

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